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Do you want to give up smoking?

Have you tried to give up smoking in the past and failed?

Do you wonder if you will ever be able to quit smoking?

The British Medical Association have acknowledged the use of hypnosis for quitting smoking as the most effective help available for those who really wish to quit.

Smoking is an addiction and a habit. The addiction to nicotine can be overcome in 48 hours.  The habit is deeply rooted in one's daily routine and linked to emotions.  'Triggers' throughout the day eg: having a cup of tea, taking a break from work, after a meal etc, associates that action with wanting a cigarette.  Emotional triggers eg: stress, happiness, boredom also can link that feeling with wanting a cigarette.

These associations and triggers will keep unconsciously encouraging the desire to smoke and this is why it is so difficult to give up.

Hypnotherapy works because it taps into the subconscious mind and changes the association or link with these triggers and eliminates the desire to smoke.

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