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A phobia is defined as an intense and unreasonable fear of a situation or object. Phobias are relatively common and figures suggest that 6% of the population suffer from a phobia.

This can cause extreme discomfort to the sufferer and even though they recognise that the fear they feel for the object or situation is out of all proportion to the danger posed by that object or situation, they cannot help but to try at all costs to avoid the object or situation.

Phobias are often formed in childhood by an incident which causes fear in the child and sometimes a phobia can be inherited.

Whatever the root cause is, a phobia can be debilitating to the individual and creates feelings of panic anxiety and loss of control.

Hypnotherapy helps to alleviate the feelings of anxiety by encouraging relaxation and through various techniques the mind can be retrained to detach the object or situation from the severe emotional response it illicits.

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Fears and Phobias

There are thousands of phobias, which have been helped by hypnotherapy.  Here are examples of the more common phobias:

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